Now it is a fact

Art Ensemble Syd


Now it is a fact


Art Ensemble Syd has signed an agreement about being Sønderborg’s ensemble for jazz, rock and contemporary music for a period of three years.

Sønderborg has again proven to be a creative forward-looking city. A rich and exiting place to live. A real “countryside metropolis”

In Art Ensemble Syd we are very happy!

The next three years we will:
create and play music of many genres all around the world and at home in Sønderborg.
tell about and teach our music for the people of Sønderborg.
invite musicians and other musical guests from near and far.
tell about Sønderborg as a “Countryside Metropolis.

Now it is time for our first tour as the official jazz ensemble of Sønderborg and at the same time the release of our new album “Present”

“Present” because

It is a present for our audience and the city of Sønderborg

It is happening now in present tense

It is presenting us and our music

It is a presentation of Sønderborgs new official jazz ensemble.

Present is recorded live in Sønderborghus, Sønderborg.

You are all invited to our concerts in Sønderborg, Flensburg (Germany) and Copenhagen. We will perform the music from “Present”, with our dear friends from the USA and Germany Chris Stover and Stephan Meinberg.