Simon Spang-Hanssen

Art Ensemble Syd

Simon Spang-Hanssen

Saxophonist and composer
Born the 13th of april 1955 in Copenhagen.

Since 1976, concerts in Denmark, Germany  and Italy with  John Tchicai & « Strange Brothers ». 1978, receives the   Ben Webster –Prize and plays with , among others : Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra, Atilla Engin and  Okay Temiz, Mozar Terra, Jan Kaspersen , Doug Raney, Johhny Dyani, Jesper Zeuthen, the Voodoo Gang. Niels Præstholm, Marilyn Mazur…creates his own quartet « Spacetrain » with Ben Besiakov, Jesper Lundgaard and Alex Riel.

”and yes, “our  man” provides his best, as well as when he
makes you think of Ornette Coleman in Marocco (on soprano),
plays the flute with reminiscences of Abdullah Ibrahim, or
is simply himself”.
Flemming Olsen
(Jazz Special (DK)  sept. o8 )

1983, joins the sextet of brazilian drummer/composer  Nenê, tours in Denmark and France.
1985, settles in Paris, and plays/records with  Denis Badault  duo, quartet, Orchestre National de Jazz. , Andy Emler « Megaoctet», the Quintet Moutin, Nguyên Lê “Tales of Vietnam”, Ramuntcho Matta, Anouar Brahem, Niels Lan Doky, Billy Hart, Edouard Ferlet, Bojan Z. and with his own groups including musicians such as: Richard Bona, Mariane Bitran, Xavier Desandre, Alain Jean-Marie…

” Simon Spang-Hanssen, tenor and soprano-sax,
whose imagination seems inexhaustible …”
Michel Contat (Telerama, France)

1998, moves back to Copenhagen, directs several ensembles : the tentet “Central Earth”,  “Maaneklar “, Quartet with Thomas Clausen, Jesper Lundgaard and Billy Hart, “Ear Witness” with Emil Spányi, Linley Marthe et Felix Sabal-Lecco, ” Rainbow Spirit” with Dawda Jobarteh, Thomas Fonnesbech, Niclas Campagnol and Ayi Solomon, “Raise Four ” ( a tribute to Monk ) with Benjamin Moussay, Yoni Zelnik and Tony Rabeson, Quartet feat. Mario Canonge and also performs with Edouard Ferlet’s  ” l’Echarpe d’Iris ” .

” Spang-Hanssen is a very impressive technician
whether performing on alto or soprano-sa x.
Simply put, this guy can play! ”
Glenn Astarita (allaboutjazz)

2005- 2014  Alisio Ensemble (octet), TRIO with Sébastien Boisseau and Christophe Lavergne , “Brazilian Project” with Irio Junior, Enéias Xavier and André Limao Queiroz (tours in Brazil and
Denmark) ,and performs with Art Ensemble Syd,  Michael Gregory Jackson Clarity Quartet,  Niels Praestholm’s ” Gyroscope”, Alain Apaloo’s “Api Pipo “…

« Simon Spang-Hanssen possesses the art of
enthousiasming himself and his fellow musicians…. »
Frank Buchmann-Moeller (Fynsk Stiftstidende, DK)