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Michael Gregory

Michael Gregory Jackson Clarity Quartet

Michael Gregory Jackson (guitars), Niels Præstholm (bass), Simon Spang-Hanssen (sax), Kresten Osgood (drums)

March 3, 2017 │ 20:00 – 23:00 │ Musikhuset Dexter, Odense
March 4, 2017 │ 21:00 – 00:00 │ Bartof Station, Frederiksberg
March 7, 2017 │ 20:00 – 23:00 │ Jazz i Halmstad, Sweden


American avantgarde guitar icon Michael Gregory Jackson is playing with his Danish quartet Michael Gregory Jackson Clarity Quartet.

Michael Gregory Jackson is a legend among New York jazz musicians. He was a cornerstone in New Yorks loft jazz scene in the 70’s and 80’s, and became famous for reinventing the electric guitarplay. He has performed with the biggest names in jazz, pop, blues and improvised music – genres that have inspired his Clarity Quartet.

Drummer Kresten Osgood has joined the Clarity Quartet. Osgood is well known as one of the most important Danish jazz artitst in the last decades. His musical interaction with Jackson will be a mindblowing experience!

    “After Before is an excellent CD that steams with fresh spontaneous energy and variation, but also leaves place for spacious poetry and some surprising ballads featuring Jackson’s light-textured voice. ‪Especially remarkable is the organic spark that flows between the musicians, and Jackson’s very special, angular and virtuoso approach to the guitar adds a special personality to the recording.”

Christian Munch-Hansen, Politiken
– Denmark 2015


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Perry Stenbäck

Perry Stenbäck, Ronald Mossom, MGK & Art Ensemble Syd

Expect no less than an unforgettable night when Perry Stenbäck, Ronald Mossom, MGK and Art Ensemble Syd bust open the great American songbook!

Having contributed on 150+ albums Perry Stenbäck is one of the most sought after guitarists in the country. Perry is also a grammy winner for Instrumentalist of the Year. With Sønderborg Americana legend Mr. Ronald Mossom by his side we promise you a swingning concert on December 7th.

We look forward to celebrate the great tradition of Americana music with lots of blues, roots, country and rock’n’ roll!

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MGK (Musikalsk Grundkursus, Sønderborg)



Date: Dec. 7. 2016 • 20:00
Venue: Sønderborghus (Løngang 1, Sønderborg)


Maher Mahmoud

Maher Mahmoud & Art Ensemble Syd

Maher Mahmoud
We are very happy to be playing with Maher Mahmoud in Sønderborg (Nov. 23. 2016). Earlier this year we played with Maher and it was a huge succes:

»Mahmoud was playing the oud with such an elegant touch, that mesmerized the audience. He was met with great applause!«
– Lokalavisen Sønderborg (May 2016)

Our collaboration with Maher Mahmoud has been a musical inspiration, mixing arab and european music traditions.

About Maher Mahmoud: Maher Mahmoud (b. 1986) is a Syrian composer and oudist. Since 2009, Maher has worked with different bands and artists in Denmark, UK and around Europe. Among others are Brian Eno, Dunia Ensemble, Dicte, JSO Bremen-Nord Philharmonic Orchestra and Aarhus Jazz Orchestra. He recently performed with Damon Albarn at Roskilde Festival 2016.

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Date: Nov. 23. 2016 • 20:00
Location: Sønderborghus (Sønderborg, Denmark)