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Maher Mahmoud

Maher Mahmoud, Art Ensemble Syd + Østen

Concert in Sønderborg with Syrian oudist Maher Mahmoud + Østen orchestra

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Gerry Mulligan

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BoB Mintzer

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NŸD Festival, Sønderborg, Nov 26 2017, Sønderborghus

German-danish jazzfestival 'NŸD festival'/www.nydfestival.com/Photos by Philipp Broda

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Define Festival 2018

Art Ensemble Syd Feat. Roomet Jakapi, Mart Soo, Chris Stover 9. okt. 2018 kl. 18:30 i Alsion, Sønderborg Ensemblet åbner[…]

Musikprisen 2017

This years Sønderborg Musikpris will be one gigantic celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the ‘Sgt Pepper’ Beatles album. Art[…]

NŸD Festival

November 26 it’s time for NŸD Festival once more in Sønderborg! At this concert the ensemble is playing as a[…]

Norrbotten Big Band

Norrbotten Big Band + Anne Mette Iversen opfører jazzens fire årstider i Sønderborg Dobbeltkoncert – Norrbotten Big Band feat. Anne[…]