Art Ensemble Syd & Friends

Art Ensemble Syd

Art Ensemble Syd & Friends

  • Date: 05 - Aug - 2017
  • Time:
  • Location: Skandaløs Festival
  • Venue: Art Ensemble Syd & Friends


Art Ensemble Syd & friends on Skandaløs Festival 2017

Art Ensemble Syd is playing at the german music Festival, Skandaløs Festival August 5, 2017!

On Skandaløs festival the ensemble will play music by the ensembles leading figures Niels Præstholm and Simon Spang-Hanssen. Spang-Hanssen music is based on jazz with influences from Brazil, West-Africa,the Carribean, r&b, funk. The ensemble will be accompanied by new talent, singer Claudia Campagnol.

The press wrote:

‘The ensemble can play both subtle and abstract, focusing on the texture of their instruments with a funky, intimate groove. A band for both feet and brains.’

– Jacob Bækgaard on Art Ensemble Syd ‘Liberty’, Jazz Special, June 2013.

Read more about the program, venues, dates and time on the festivals website: