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Art Ensemble Syd

Booking 2018

Art Ensemble Syd Tours 2018

If you wish to book us, please contact Niels Præstholm:
Mail • Tel. (0045) 2424 5870


Niels Præstholm Big Anniversary Tour 2018 with Art Ensemble Syd
Tour dates 2018: October 8-16
Art Ensemble Syd celebrates leader Niels Præstholms 60ths birthday and his 40th anniversary of being part of the danish and international jazzscene! This tour will feature a brand new body of work composed by Niels Præstholm.

Michael Gregory Jackson Clarity Quartet
Tour dates: October 18-28, 2018
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Art Ensemble Syd feat. Maher Mahmoud
Tour dates: November, 2018
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